notepad for the efficient

What it is

A notepad with hierarchical tags. And tasks. And access management. Also focus mode.
Have you ever wondered about an app that combines features of a journal, a notepad and a planer? A unified gateway to manage all your personal data? Ognivo is that thing.
Although, that description looks flaky, and it seems hard to make a good tool that does all of that, but does it have to be so? Just take a good structuring engine and add some features. Design a few contexts to allow different kinds of interaction with that data. And that's it.

Use cases

Personal structured diary

You know that most of the cool people do or did diaries?
Einstein? Check.
Da Vinci? Check.
Marie Curie? Check.
Lev Tolstoy? Check.
Diary is boring? It doesn't have to be. Write only when you WANT. Had a boring day? Skip it. The cool thing of diary is that it helps to sculpt yourself. To track progress. Even an entry per three months can give food for thought after a few years. And with hierarchical tags, you can remodel diary structure as it grows.

Shared knowledge database

Are you leading a business of some kind? With hierarchical tags you can organise a knowledge base. Grant access to read or write, restrict it on any level, enable discussion with comments, or make some nodes public to the whole Internet.

Task or issue tracker

If have some things to do, you don't have to leave. Ognivo supports tasks. Task gist, extended description, responsible, due date, comments.


Powerful tagging

Tags help us to navigate our data oceans. Hierarchical tags take this navigation far beyond. Every tag can act like a hierarchy of directories. Write a note. Place a few tags. Expand them.

Flexible sharing

In Ognivo sharing is based on tags. It means that you share not an entry but her tag. And this way every entry with that tag becomes shared. Members of the tag can have read-only or full access. The latter allows them to participate in editing and creation of new entries within the tag or its descendants.


Personal information system wouldn't be useful without planning capabilities. With that in mind Ognivo has built-in tasks with responsible, subtasks and due date.

Email agenda

Planning is supported with email agenda. Fresh list of your tasks every morning.

Life-Work division

Each tag can have its own colour, that changes the theme of the whole app, so you can have that psychological division of life and work related data.

Decent focus mode

Write with no distraction in focus mode. Focus mode also has configurable background colour.

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